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At this time of year, all of our schools are beginning a new academic year. This will be marked in our Catholic schools with moments of prayer, reflection and in many cases, beginning of year Masses. The following reflection is beautiful and appropriate to use for such occasions.

Loving God,

Another term begins and we come back to school

Refreshed and restored by the break,

Grateful for those we share our lives with,

For the memories of the past few weeks,

For the opportunities we have, which are denied

To so many in the world today.

We come back to school pleased to see our friends,

Determined to make the most of our talents,

To grow in understanding of the kind of person we are called to be,

To turn over a new leaf, perhaps,

To make up for the times we were less than our best self.

We come back to school and are grateful

For the energy and enthusiasm a new term brings,

For the optimism and good humour in the air.

Bless our school, keep us safe and well,

Keep us on the right path.

Bless our teachers and support staff

Who look after us and help us to grow in knowledge and skills.

Bless the new pupils and staff

As they begin their journey with us,

May they feel very quickly at home.

Bless all our efforts to build up the kingdom of God,

To make the world more just and compassionate

Beginning here, in this school of ours,

Our home from home.


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