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Fr Jim Cogley

Two of our greatest fears can be failure and criticism. Do they ever completely disappear? Probably not, they keep reappearing every time we face our next challenge. But, we can overcome them. Evert time we give into fear we retreat deeper into our so called comfort zone but in the process make it smaller until eventually in the words of TS Eliot, ‘we measure out our life with coffee spoons’. We get caught up with trivialities and make molehills into mountains. At the edge of our comfort zone we always encounter fear and shouldn’t expect anything else. However, if we place courage in front and act in spite of our fear we learn to conquer it. This is really faith in action, otherwise its just a dead belief. A useful anacronym for FEAR is Face Everything And Recover. Every time we successfully face our fear we expand our comfort zone and enjoy the new life that can only be experienced when we live at the edge.


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