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Fr Jim Cogley

The photo shows two figures brought to their knees in their need for freedom. The chain that holds them together is also what prevents their love from being completed. A simple truth from nature points to a profound reality. Two birds can only fly together if they are free of each other. Tie those birds together and although they have four wings they will be unable to fly. The message of Christ to Mary Magdelene, when overjoyed at seeing him alive, she wanted to reach out to hug and embrace, was, do not cling to me for I have not yet ascended. In life if we are possessive and cling to someone too much we call it control. This is a factor, more than anything else that can undermine any relationship. When someone passes over to the other side, for some reason, we feel justified in trying to hold onto them. In the early days of a grief process that may be understandable; long term while it may hold the soul back from its journey, it will certainly hold us back from ours. To remain in a clinging mode is to condemn ourselves to isolation and loneliness. The way to enter into communion with the one who is departed is to avoid clinging and release them to the light. Death breaks an earthly tie but love survives when grief has passed because love can never die. The grief process is not about saying farewell but it is about releasing and giving freedom.


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