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Lorcan Brennan

"When fear stalks your soul, surrender to me. Don't wait even a heartbeat. Turn it over and rest. Know that your complete reliance on me is a sign of spiritual growth. Learn to pray continually through every circumstance. Whisper my name as protection and invitation. Return to my Word of promise often. So many promises of love, care and eternal hope are found through my living Word. Yes, practice carrying my Word within your open praying heart as your comfort and guidance. Fear not. Surrender and find my care, holding and peace".

"Another day simply to leave all in my care. Go into this new morning under my protection and blessing. Live from the centre of my strength and vision in all you do. Seek first My Way and all light, peace and meaning will fill your soul. My love and spiritual healing is for your care. Make time to silently bask in my spirit sunshine. Silence will be your faithful companion and will gently reveal all you need to know for next steps in becoming my life's practical presence to others. Yes, now is the time for listening in faith anew. Drink deeply from my healing kindness and live."


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