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Fr Jim Cogley

According to a Greek legend a certain man took part in the Olympic games and while he ran well came second. The winner was encompassed with praise and adulation; later a statue was erected in his honor. Envy began to eat away at the man who had come second and he so resented the winner that he could think of little less. The statue stood like a monument to his failure. Eventually he decided to destroy the statue of the winner. Night after night he went to the statue under cover of darkness and tore away at the base to weaken the foundations. One night as he chiseled in violent anger he went too far. The heavy marble statue tethered on its base and came crashing down on the disgruntled athlete. He died beneath the weight of the marble replica of the man he had grown to hate. It was his own envy that destroyed him. Is it any wonder that envy was always considered one of the seven deadly sins!


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