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By Fr Jim Cogley

To a remarkable degree the dynamics that were at play in our family of origin will be replicated in most if not all groups in later life. If I were the quiet and shy one the chances are I will still find myself reticent in a group situation and have difficulty finding my voice. A family member that I was compared with will appear again in another individual that I find hard to deal with. The one that was given a lot of responsibility will become the one who assumes responsibility before ever being asked. Even unmet needs in childhood have a tendency to become replicated in later family life. All these dynamics initially happen at an unconscious level and seem to have a life of their own until they are made conscious. Once they rise to the surface, and are given sufficient awareness, they begin to lose their power. Conscious choices can be made to no longer be a victim of the past but to move foreward in a different manner.


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