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Fr Jim Cogley

A wealthy high-class lady had lived a life of privilege in a stately home with servants at her beck and call. Upon her death an angel gave her a conducted tour of the heavenly realm. An exquisite mansion was passed and she was told that it was now the abode of her former butler. Later as they passed another beautiful dwelling she was told that it was now occupied by one of her maids. An equally lovely mansion surrounded by the most fabulous gardens she found to be the place where her long tern gardener now lived. Seeing how well her former servants had fared she grew excited at the thought of what delights awaited her so she could hardly wait to be shown her new abode. Stopping at what she deemed little more than a shed the angel told her that it was hers. In astonishment she asked ‘why’ when all the others were now living in luxury. ‘I am sorry Madam’, said the angel, ‘but this was all we could build with the money you sent on in advance’! We only can claim as ours that which we have given away.


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