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Various studies found that children who are close to at least one grandparent are more emotionally secure than other children and they have more positive feelings towards older people and the process of ageing. Grandparents are after all Grand parents. The word suggests the truth that they have higher rank, are striking in size, are very good and even wonderful. A grandparent said recently that, ‘If I had known that grandchildren were so much fun I would have had mine first. Rearing my own children was hard work, there was no manual and it was a steep learning curve. Only now do I know how to be a good parent.’ Grandparents have so much to offer to their Grandchildren and so do the children have a lot to offer to them. They keep them young, they make them smile and the hugs and kisses are returned in bucket-fulls. Where children have good grandparents, who are interested and involved with them, it’s a win-win situation where everyone has so much to gain and nobody has anything to lose.


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