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Fr Jim Cogley

'A significant detail of the Resurrection accounts is that when the Risen Jesus appears to his disciples he still has the wounds that killed him. One might think that they should have disappeared during his process of transformation. Yet they remained to the point of being part of his new identity as the Crucified Christ. It was these very wounds that when touched by his fearful disciples that dispelled doubt from their hearts and reawakened their faith. From being sources of death they had become sources of life. In life we all carry wounds but we carry them in different ways. The ones we don’t or won’t deal with we continue to inflict on others. It’s hurting people that hurt others. Then there are those who have transformed their wounds and found healing. Having come out the other side they are now are able to use the wounds of their experience to bring healing to others.

In the presence of someone who has suffered there is no judgment'.


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