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Fr Roger O'Neill, Gorey

Today the angel’s candle on the advent wreath proclaims the Peace of Christ, re-echoing through the ages the voice of the prophet Isaiah “He will be named… Prince of Peace”.

God knows the World today, as in every age, needs peace.

Peace between Nations and Peoples.

Peace between Communities and Families.

Peace of Mind, Heart and Soul.

The Peace of Christ will bring all these forms of peace if he is embraced, but the Peace of Christ is something different!

Today’s readings at Mass point to the true meaning of the Peace of Christ:

“The one who is to rule over Israel”

“With the power of the Lord”

“With the majesty of the Name of his God”

“They will live secure”

“Why should I be honoured with a visit from the mother of my Lord”

The Peace of Christ is directly linked and flows from who he is!

He is the Messiah, the Christ, the long-awaited King of Israel of the House and line of King David. Not only that he is of the House and line of God!

“By the Holy Spirit [he] was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man.”


The Peace of Christ the King is to be within his presence. A king rules and protects his people. A king provides for and defends his people. A king saves his people!

The Peace of Christ is to be within the presence of Christ. God has made this easy for us because of who Jesus is. “Behold a Virgin shall conceive and bear a son; and his name will be called Emmanuel” a name that means God-with-us.

We come into his presence, his Peace all the time, if our hearts are open. “Where two or three are gathered in my name”. In the Sacraments of his Holy Church. When his Holy Word is read. In the most excellent way when the Holy Eucharist is Celebrated, and Holy Communion offered!

“The Peace of the Lord be with you always”!!! The Peace of Christ is:

“[Deliverance] from every evil… that, by the help of [his] mercy, we may be always free from sin and safe from all distress, as we await the blessed hope and the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

May our prayer today be:

“Pour forth, we beseech you; O Lord, your grace into our hearts”

“That as the feast day of our salvation draws ever nearer, so we may press forward all the more eagerly to the worthy celebration of the mystery of your Son’s Nativity.”

“He himself will be Peace”!


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