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Fr Jim Cogley

Idolatry is something we associate with ancient rituals and the worship of false gods. Such a belief can be very convenient in distancing it from ourselves and avoiding how it can be an everyday practice in our lives. Whenever we believe that anything or anyone out there can make me happy, I am guilty of Idolatry. This makes it endemic in society. It could be called the ‘if only’ syndrome. If only I had this or that, if only I was in relationship with so and so, then I would be happy. The reality is that I might feel excited if my wish list were fulfilled, but long term I would not be happier than I am right now. Nothing out there can make me truly happy, it can only come from within. As Shakespeare said ‘All things are with more spirit chased than enjoyed’ and so we get more enjoyment looking forward to having something than when we actually receive it.


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