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The first phase of the Synodal Pathway of the Catholic Church in Ireland is now complete. This two-year phase, interwoven with the universal synodal process, concluded with two significant and complementary reports from the National Steering Committee. These two reports have now been published and are available online at

The report prepared by the Steering Committee fulfils its remit to guide a two-year process of synodal listening and discernment for the Catholic Church in Ireland. It documents the learnings to date and offers recommendations to help shape and inform the next phase of this work. 

A pilot training programme for local leaders is currently being developed and will be rolled-out next year. Whilst the findings from the research report have shaped the modules/sessions for this training, they have also guided some of the recommendations in the Steering Committee's report.

Both reports include executive summaries for immediate digestion but do please take the time to read them in their entirety as they both inform the immediate and longer-term steps for the Irish Synodal Pathway.

Meanwhile, in the video below, Wendy Grace sits down to chat with Bishops Brendan Leahy and Alan McGuckian who took part in the Synodal on synodality in Rome in October as representatives of the Irish Church and who share their experiences here.


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