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Lorcan Brennan

"Return to me with all your heart. Pour out your heart to me. Let our

conversations be deep and lasting in love. Wait on my Word of encouragement and invitation. Do not grow despondent through listening to the inner voices that aim to break your spirit. Let only my Words of hope and comfort be your compass and guiding star. Let my peace live in your heart and overflow to all you meet through your ordinary spirit filled days."

"This is your life. This is the place and time I visit you in love. You must continue to listen to your life and respond with care and attention to what needs doing. You must also learn to love and integrate the shadow parts of your life with dedication and kindness. Make friends with every part of your life and history. Pray into light all past times of sadness, loss and fear. Invite my healing spirit of love to renew and transform you in preparation for eternal living. Be gentle in all you do. Allow all to be done by me, through you. Let my spirit sing through you".


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