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By Fr Jim Cogley

Our 40 days of Lent comes from the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness where he was tempted by Satan and where he encountered both wild beasts and angels. The wilderness is the universal human experience that most of us will have encountered, and here I include myself, where our world feels bleak, our mind is full of worry and anxiety, and we find ourselves tossing and turning through the night and battling with our own demons. The issue usually boils down to trying not to succumb to fear and adopting an attitude of trust that if I leave this matter in the Lords hands everything will turn out okay.

Our greatest temptation in life is to stay clinging to the branch that affords some measure of reassurance and security, and not trust the Lord with whatever may be going on in our lives. Learning to trust doesn’t come easy and there are so many lessons in relation to trust we have to learn. For myself I find that so many of these, that I have practiced all my life, I still fall down on and need to learn all over again.


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