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Fr Jim Cogley

Loneliness can numb the feelings and take away any sense of belonging. It can make us question the purpose and meaning of our lives. It seems to wrap itself around our hearts convincing us that we are all alone in a vast universe. It’s like living in a wasteland, a desert, where nothing seems to thrive or grow.

Loneliness is a call to ourselves, to befriend ourselves, to use it as an opportunity to develop. It takes courage and deep trust to enter into loneliness and not to feed it with frantic activity or by clinging to others. It’s hard to imagine that there’s a hidden garden waiting to blossom, or that loneliness can be transformed into quiet solitude. The greatest blessing is finding solitude of heart. It’s here that we can meet our true selves and listen to the still small voice. No one is excluded from solitude as it’s not about living in isolation. Rather, solitude enables us to actively reach out to others. We can offer them hospitality and a healing touch, to lessen their loneliness and support their needs.


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