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Earlier this week I gathered with our clergy to take time away to hold discussions on how we will minister as priests together in a changing world. The theme of the gathering was “Ministering in a New Time”. Over the course of a couple of days we participated in workshops and held many discussions, all of which focused on how life in the church is changing. This led to looking ahead to what church life and and ministry might be like in the future. At our gathering I shared the following vision with the clergy which I now share with you all: “That the people of The Diocese of Ferns have access to the transformational power of the Gospel, the hope that it brings and the seal on that by the sacramental life of the church." This gathering was the first step in a process that will be further developed over the coming months and years and will draw on the resources and gifts of many people throughout our diocese. As was remarked by one of our facilitators “this process is about widening the circle to involve as many people as possible and benefit from the richness of their talents and abilities." I thank all who participated in this initial process and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all throughout the diocese. Bishop Ger


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