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The following can be used by parishes anywhere to rally the faithful to return to the celebration of Easter and to enter prayerfully into the spirit of Holy Week:

‘During the recent celebration of St Patrick’s Day, all of us remarked how joyful it was to gather publicly again to celebrate our national apostle for the first time since 2019. As we enter Holy Week 2022 and prepare to celebrate publicly the Easter Triduum for the first time in three years, it ought to be an even more joyful gathering and privilege to celebrate Easter again. On this Palm Sunday weekend, our parish invites you to celebrate Easter with us again with faith and hope. It is the highlight of the Church’s year when we recall and represent the great mysteries of the suffering, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your presence is important to our parish. You are missed when you are absent and our community is weaker without you. This week, let our participation in the reconciliation services and the Easter Triduum be an expression of our commitment as disciples of Jesus in modern Ireland. Together let us listen again to the story of how one man’s love and fidelity to the truth changed the world and continues to change millions of lives today. Let us see how his cross and resurrection are well-springs of hope for all humanity and speak to every life in need of hope and healing’.


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