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‘Come, stay, go’ – three small words that capture the Gospel this weekend and indeed the whole Christian life. First, ‘Come’ - ‘Come and follow me’; ‘Come to me’; Come and See’. God calls us out of ourselves to a new space and to a new challenge. Our lives are not about us but about God’s purposes for us. Faith is taking the risk to respond to where his call leads us. Second, ‘Stay’ – stay with him and be with him. Be with Jesus who welcomes us, feeds us, forgives us, heals us and teaches us to becoming a better lover like himself. Finally, ‘Go’ – this is what he says to us when he sends us on mission. He sends us to the people and places he wants. He sends us to do the work he created us to do and to give the witness that invites others to believe in him. Come, stay and go – the whole Christian life moves within these three pillars.

Fr Billy Swan


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