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On this Divine Mercy Sunday, the following are some of Pope Francis' most memorable quotes on the theme of mercy which has been a dominant theme of his pontificate.

‘Mercy gets its hands dirty. It touches, gets involved, it gets caught up with others. It gets personal’.

‘Mercy never allows us to feel satisfied. It is the love of Christ that makes us restless until we reach the goal; it impels us to embrace, welcome and include those who need mercy’.

‘May the balm of mercy reach everyone, both believers and those far away, as a sign that the kingdom of God is already present in our midst’.

‘The Divine Mercy is shown above all in God's closeness to those who suffer. On the cross Jesus united himself to all the pain and desolation of the human condition. Whenever any person suffers, God also suffers’.

‘Mercy is no mere sentiment but a concern that always expresses itself in tangible acts of care, comfort, help and protection. Jesus’s acts revealed the boundless depths of God's mercy’.

Quotes from Pope Francis on Divine Mercy Sunday


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