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‘When we speak of God as Trinity we are speaking of God as love, reaching out to embrace us all. God's inner life of love finds various outward expressions so as to draw us all in. The fullest outward expression of the love that is within God is the person of Jesus. He is God's love outwardly expressed towards us fully so as to draw us into a loving relationship with God.

Through the Holy Spirit, the very life of God, which is a life of love, can come to reside deep within each one of us. As we open ourselves to this life of love, the life of the Spirit, we become loving people, we become people who create communion with others. The love of God finds outward expression in both the grace of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit who creates a communion of love among us. The role of the Holy Spirit is to empower us to live in ways that reflect the dynamic community of love that is God and that we call Trinity’.

Fr Martin Hogan, ‘You Have One Teacher – Reflections on the Gospel Readings for the Year of Matthew’


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