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"This is something we should learn on the day of the Immaculate Conception: the person who abandons him/herself totally in God's hands does not become God's puppet, a boring 'yes' man; he/she do not lose their freedom. Only the person who entrusts him/herself totally to God finds true freedom, the great immensity of the freedom of good...The person who turns to God does not become smaller but greater, for through God and with God he/she becomes great; he/she becomes divine; he/she becomes truly themselves. The person who puts himself in God's hands does not distance himself from others, withdrawing into his/her private salvation; on the contrary, it is only then that his/her heart truly awakens and they become a sensitive, hence, benevolent and open person. The closer a person is to God, the closer they are to people. We see this in Mary. The fact that she is totally with God is the reason why she is so close to human beings".

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 8th December 2005


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