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The question of Pilate in this Sunday’s Gospel is one that remains relevant for our time. What is truth? Is truth something I discover or is it something I make up for myself? Here are some inspiring quotes that suggest the answer:

‘A person who lives only for his/her own comfort and survival and who is willing to live within a lie to protect that, is a demoralized person. Living within the truth, as humanity’s revolt against an enforced position, is, on the contrary, an attempt to regain control; over one’s own sense of responsibility’.

Vaclav Havel, resistor of communism and later president of Czechoslovakia.

‘If your life is not what it could be, try telling the truth. If you feel weak and rejected and desperate and confused, try telling the truth. In Paradise, everyone speaks the truth. That is what makes it paradise. Tell the truth. Or at least don’t lie’.

Jordan Peterson

‘It is our duty to focus on the truth whatever it may be and not to deceive ourselves by trying to make the truth conform to what keeps us happy’.

Thomas Merton


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