Fr Jim Cogley

Many of our lives are strewn with missed opportunities that are also lost occasions of grace. Not so long ago I stood behind a lady at a checkout counter in a large supermarket. It looked like she was poor and judging by her shopping had a large family and was likely struggling to pay her bills. The thought crossed my mind to step forward and say, ‘I would like to pay for your shopping today’. Instead I hesitated and wondered what she might think or was I being foolish. By the time I had stopped thinking the opportunity was lost and very likely it would have made her day, and relieved financial pressure for a week. Often when such opportunities arise we need to follow our gut instinct. When we engage too much with our minds they will find so many excuses like what if I am wrong, what will someone think of me, or what if I’m made to look foolish? As in the case above yet another occasion of grace goes by the wayside