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Fr Jim Cogley

If it were not for the ever-changing weather in Ireland we might never know how we feel. We project so much of our inner reality onto our climate. ‘That’s a rotten day, it feels heavy, its dark and dreary’. Or the typical pessimist remark, ‘Sure it’s a lovely day, but its not going to last very long.’ Expression such as these can be saying more about the person making the comment than the actual weather. This is projection clearly at work and so on a wet, cold and rainy morning when you greet someone with, ‘Lovely Day, pity about the weather’ there is often shock at the hint that inner and outer reality might be different. Similarly in relation to the state of the world, our inner conflicts become mirrored in outer conflicts. The dreadful state of things, that no one can deny, can reflect our own sense of helplessness and hopelessness. It’s so much easier to make comments on whatever might be happening in the outer world than to recognize what is going on within.


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