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Fr Jim Cogley

When things are at their darkest and night seems to follow night, it’s hard to be present to what is, or to believe in an eternal presence living within and without. It can seem like everything is still a long way off; that empty spaces are everywhere.

Empty Spaces -

Can you see the empty spaces in the chambers of my heart?

Can you touch the wounded places or fix what’s come apart?

Can you hear the frightful sobbing or give life to a lifeless beat?

Can you feel the painful throbbing or make my life complete?

Look within and you’ll find me there I’m moving in those spaces.

I live in you and I always care, for I heal the broken places.

I wipe away your falling tears, I kiss your tear stained face.

I soothe your pain and calm your fears, I fill you with my grace.

A new dawn will break from the darkness of the night

You will awaken to see the glorious light.

Giving and receiving healing is available to all of us.

So are blessings.


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