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By Fr Jim Cogley

It often takes a crisis to expose the inadequacy of a faith that is based on external observance. It is when confronted with a tragedy or a major event like the Corona Virus that the shallowness of our faith becomes apparent. This is where the current crisis has been the instigation of a faith crisis for so many that has the potential to lead them on a deeper journey. During this time we may come to the painful realization that for years we had religious practice but little inner life. Whereas before external observance was the norm we are now engaged in an inner journey of enforced contemplation. When our backs are against the wall, and our old faith model is exposed as painfuly inadequate, we need to look deep within to find what we need. For a while many will give up religious practice altogether as we are forced into the dark night of questioning non-acceptance. This is a very painful and lonely experience where even the very existence of God and the afterlife are doubted.


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