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Fr Jim Cogley

One way of understanding anger is that it is the punishment we inflict upon ourselves because of someone else’s mistakes. Much of our anger is based on misunderstanding. We ‘assume’ that the other person had every intention of wronging us while in reality this is not always the case and so much more offence is taken rather than given. Reality is viewed by every person through a different lens,, and so what one person sees as an insult may have no effect on another. Usually before we get to the truth of the matter we have cut off the other person and with the lines of communication no longer open we are left carrying our anger. The most amazing transformations occur when the ball of anger is held and appreciated and not misdirected as fuel for revenge.

Do I see my anger as a friend or an enemy and am I comfortable with it?

Do I feel that my creativity is blocked and could this be a clue to my ager?

Could the extent of my anger represent the potential of my creativity?


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