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Fr Jim Cogley

RTE has been like a great colossus in Irish society from its very beginning. Over the years it has informed and entertained us, and also shaped our opinion on almost every subject under the Sun. While we can’t say it brought us out of the dark ages, it certainly facilitated our emergence, and was the mid-wife very much in charge. As we reflect on where society is at today in relation to matters of faith and moral values, it would reflect quite accurately the broadcasters bias that has been evident for decades. It often seemed as if an agenda was at work to discredit and destroy everything the Catholic Church stood for but with no attempt to offer alternatives. Certainly our model of Church was far too clericalised, antiquated and dysfunctional; it needed serious critique, but in a more balanced and mature way, that honored our Celtic tradition and the countless great people who gave their lives in service, often doing what the State at the time was failing to do. In failing to acknowledge the place and necessity of faith and spirituality the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater and the vast majority who have no time for church and religious practice have also lost all connection with Spirit. We now live in an increasingly secular society that is like a wagon wheel with the rim and spokes intact but without a hub or center that holds everything together. It’s difficult not to apportion a lot of responsibility for all this to the biased way RTE has been conducting its affairs for many a day.


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