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'SENIOR -LINE' is an Irish organisation that facilitates a national Peer-to-Peer confidential listening service for older people. It all began in 1998 and is modelled on an Italian equivalent where older people began befriending older city neighbours. In 2020, Senior Line received over 18,000 phone calls which is an indicator of how this time of pandemic can effect many older people who feel isolated and lonely.

The service is run by 180 older volunteers who are trained to connect with each caller and to offer support and understanding. Callers can be bereaved, depressed or simply would love someone to talk to and to be listened to. The volunteers are trained to keep before them the emotional, physical and spiritual well being of the person who seeks their help.

In the words of St John Paul II, the elderly are guardians or our shared memory and the holders of lived wisdom. They deserve our protection and support. Senior Line is here to do that and we commend all those involved and bless their great work that is needed more than ever.

Senior Line is open every day of the year including Christmas and New Year from 10am to 10pm. Call Freefone 1800 80 45 91


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