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Fr Jim Cogley

A very useful piece of scripture to reflect on for anyone who is suffering a medical crisis, or any other kind of crisis for that matter, is Exodus 14. The actual text of v13 is as follows: 'Have no fear, stand firm and see what the Lord your God will do to save you. The enemy you see today, you will never see again. Yahweh will do the fighting for you. You have only to keep still'.

When we feel overwhelmed and outgunned on all sides the divine command is still not to fear since this would make us panic and so the battle would be lost before its even started. Standing firm alludes to holding a stance of faith that acknowledged where power truly lies and ultimately who is really in charge. This faith allows God to act on our behalf and bring to bear His infinite resources on our situation. Finally there is the responsibility and the discipline to keep still. This means to stay in the present moment because to be anywhere else is to cut ourselves off from the Divine provision. This latter command is particularly difficult because of our tendency to worry, but contains the key that opens the door for miracles to happen.


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