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Fr Jim Cogley

From being at the bedsides of so many who were at the end of their life journey its possible to observe things that can teach us so much about how to live without the fear of death. The first is that it’s the ones who have fully lived are the ones who fully die. In other words, it’s those who have truly embraced life, and the opportunities that it offered, are the ones who seem best equipped to fully embrace death. You would think that it would be the mistakes and inevitable failures of life that would come back to haunt us in the twilight hours but rather it is the unlived life, the risks not taken, holding fast to the comfort zone, and always playing safe with the game of life. These are the things that hold us back, the regret that it

was fear that I allowed rule my life rather than faith. For those who have risked living, the risk involved in dying is greatly lessened. And, many can see it as a continuation of the great adventure that they have already enjoyed and now look forward to the nest stage of the journey as a new lease of life.


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