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Tessa Gallagher

It must have been horrific with the jostling crowds shouting, baying for blood intent on murder. So much violence around the attack on the nonviolent Jesus. He challenged people all of his life and they hated the Jesus who knew no boundaries. They stripped him to humiliate Jesus who condemned systems of oppression, systems that excluded women, the Jesus who broke any law that lacked love. The faithful and resilient women went with him all the way to the cross.

Naked Jesus, when I am stripped of my garments of pride, lust, status and privilege, reclothe me in simple and plain garments, so to live in you, with fidelity and purity of heart.

Jesus an innocent victim carried a heavy cross. Mercilessly they nailed him to the cross. As he hung there he cried out ‘Why have you forsaken me’? . Right to the end he was the face of compassion and forgiveness. I don’t understand how this was possible. Brave women, his sorrowful mother waited at the foot of the cross. They witnessed unimaginable suffering. The agony of the cross was not the end. Death did not win the final victory.

Crucified Christ, help me to clearly see when I condemn and crucify others. Hang on to me as I gaze at my inner self. Weep with me as I seek to offer forgiveness and ask for forgiveness.

Scriptures tell us that “The tomb was empty.” On the third day, Jesus it seemed had defeated death. He was transformed. The witnesses all saw him differently when he “appeared “ to them. He was the same but different . On the third day which is usually much longer than three days, transformation happens for us. We too experience our resurrections and life is never the same. Jesus rose, so must we, to begin again. ‘We are Easter people and alleluia is our cry’ St Augustine proclaims -

Risen Christ, my Easter world is filled with plentiful gifts, lead me to taste and see your goodness, and the wonders of each new day.



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