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Fr Jim Cogley

I believe that we are all called and have a mission and purpose in life. The word ‘yes’ or ‘fiat’ (as with Mary) in the Christian tradition appears to be the word that unlocks the key to allowing the mystery of our lives to unfold. From that perspective it is not so much a matter of figuring out what our lives are about but more of trusting and allowing things to unfold and to be revealed. Christianity is more about divine revelation than self-effort. The reality is that if we could only succeed under our own steam the glory would be to our ego and not to God. This is where surrender and learning the art of letting go is all important. It is trusting that the higher power who created us knows us so much better than we know ourselves, what we are created for, and what is our potential.

On the 22nd of June 1980 I was ordained in St Patrick’s Church Rosslare Harbour. Now forty-four years later I look back on that day when with an unmitigated ‘yes’ to the Lord and what I felt he was calling me to, and with reckless abandon, I set out on a voyage of mystery and ministry. The years have flown and for some reason I don’t feel any older now than I did then, and thankfully my health and energy levels seem as good as ever. My love for the Gospel and the Christian message has continued to grow over the years and even after saying mass 16,000 times and preaching a similar number of sermons my enthusiasm has never waned. This I am unable to take any credit for but can only attribute to a truth about vocation that to called is to be empowered and wherever the appointment is, there also is the provision. Daily I live out of, and am sustained, by that awareness.


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