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During the pandemic, Professor Luke O'Neill wrote a book with an unusual and irreverent title: 'Never Mind the B******s, Here's the Science'. He wrote the book as a response to many conspiracy theories floating around about COVID-19 and the vaccines used to suppress it. As the title suggests, what we need to do is respect the science and follow the facts.

Following the announcement last Friday of the repeal of Roe vs Wade by the American Supreme Court, there has been much emotional reaction around the world including here in Ireland. But what does the science say about the issue? The science and medical progress since Roe vs Wade came into effect in 1973 has been enormous. We know more now than we do then. So what does the science of pregnancy reveal and are we willing to follow where the science leads us? Probably not. For if science proved beyond any reasonable doubt that human life begins at conception, this would not lead to the end of abortion. Still, the video below is a must see for all who seek the truth.



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