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The Star of Hope

On Thursday 17th December, Bishop Denis launched an exciting Youth Initiative called The Way Forward by switching on “The Star of Hope.” The Star which now shines brightly on the top of St Peters, Wexford, can be seen from miles around as a reminder to our young people that we are building a Diocese rich in opportunities for them to engage with their faith. The plan promises exciting and engaging programmes to engage and to involve our young people - Diocesan Caminos, Diocesan Retreats, Trips, Pilgrimages, JPII Awards, School and Parish Projects and so much more. To support the project, the Diocese will be looking for Faith Representatives from each Parish commencing January. ‘We aim to have over 100 Faith Representatives by this time next year with a timeframe for all projects to be completed by 2022. A Strategic Planning Committee has been set up to guide the plan over the next 3 years. This committee is made up of Clergy, Religion Teachers, parents, and lay parishioners as well as youth voices. The key will be the recruitment of Faith Representatives. They will be the essential scaffolding that will enable and hold the various projects we have planned. This is an exciting step forward for our Diocese and it is opportune that - as we leave behind the bleakness of 2020 - we are able to offer this strong message of hope for 2021,” said Bishop Denis Brennan.


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