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Fr Jim Cogley

When engaged in a project (and I am a project person) I tend to be utterly single minded and focused. I am inpatient with interruptions and find it difficult to give full headspace, even to callers who might be in need. This is not something I am proud of and I greatly admire those who while engaged in work are fully interruptible and have great time for people who wish to chat and interact. I put this down to growing up as an only child, but know that this is only an excuse and not a genuine reason, since my life is supposed to be about service. Saying that I also welcome people to come, even if it’s only to get me out of my selfish ways. Truly I know that its only when we are put out of our own way can we be put into God’s way! As a society we tend to measure everything by results while the Christian measure is never how much do we achieve but how much fruit do we bear. A young boy was asked what he intended to do when he grew up. He replied ‘what I do is not all that important but what I

want to be is kind, considerate and honest. In the end being a truly good human being is what really matters.


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