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Fr Jim Cogley

There is a little story that captures something of the essence of Eucharist. Its not just a once upon a time story, it is actually true, but it still begins ‘once upon a time………it was very dangerous to be a Christian in Communist China and the Christian Church was being persecuted. Anyone coming to Church could be arrested and thrown into prison. One day a little girl was walking to Mass when a group of soldiers stopped and demanded to know where she was going. She didn’t want to tell a lie, but if she told the truth she would be putting a lot of people into danger. So she said a quick prayer to the Holy Spirit asking for wisdom to guide her and this was what she said ‘I am going to my Father’s house, my eldest brother has died, his will is going to be read, and I am to receive my inheritance’. Sometimes from the mouths of children comes, inspired by the Spirit, comes forth perfect wisdom!


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