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By Philip Quirke

Though he was a genius...

Einstein doctored his 1915 equations:

to deny what they were telling him:

that ‘it all’ had a beginning, that it ALL,

space, time, matter, was once not.

And that the place of this beginning

was close at hand...and must be so ...

if you wind back time to the singularity,

draw matter to its point of origin.


Lemaitre showed him, and Einstein accepted

the accuracy of his first intuition.

What pressed in on his imagination

went beyond his physics and maths.

He was already fired by this cosmos,

by the ‘why?’ and the ‘wherefore?’

of the vastness and wonder  before his eyes,

knowledge which has expanded in our time


with data from telescopes Hubble and Webb

interpreted by astro-physicists,

informing us of two trillion galaxies

each with their billions of stars,

and the emergence of all that is

some 13.8 billion years ago.


Mind-expanding information, provocative wisdom:

must I not change my life?


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