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Fr Jim Cogley

There are gifts which I use daily and now regard as an essential part of my ministry that for most of my life I didn’t know that I had. Yet I can see how those latent gifts were God’s provision for fulfilling my unique mission. My work with wood goes back 22 years and before that was completely hidden under layers of blocked creativity. Yet now it is an essential part of the way that I teach, and many who are visual learners greatly appreciate that approach. My writing was another unknown until 20 years back and now with ten books published, plus daily reflections, reaches thousands. Likewise, my natural intuition and curiosity into how things work, has become an invaluable asset in psychotherapy work. Reflecting on these issues, in the light of my own experience, leaves me convinced that each of us is already fully equipped to fulfill our life’s purpose. It is as we say ‘yes’ to that path that more and more of our latent potential comes to the fore.


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