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Since October 7, more than 10,000 Palestinians have died in Gaza following weeks of airstrikes and bombardments by Israel which has caused widespread destruction of homes, schools and healthcare facilities.

The situation facing civilians in Gaza has been made even worse by a siege, which is depriving more than two million people – half of whom are children – of food, water and electricity.

As this worsening human tragedy is unfolding, the world cannot stand back and watch events without doing everything possible to avert further suffering.

Trócaire has been working with our Palestinian and Israeli civil society partners in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel since 2002 and despite ongoing and cyclical intensification of violence in that period, never before have we witnessed the scale of suffering, displacement and acute humanitarian needs unfold as rapidly and at the scale that it has in the last week.

Trócaire, through our local partners on the ground in Palestine, are ready to provide humanitarian support to the people of Gaza and other areas affected by this crisis. This includes medical supplies, food, water, hygiene and medical supplies, blankets, shelter – everything we can – in order to rush help to injured and suffering civilians the instant we are allowed access.

To donate to Trocaire's humanitrian work in Gaza, please CLICK BELOW:


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