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By Fr Jim Cogley

The longing to have a home and be at home is universal. Homelesness is one of the foremost ills in our society. Yet coming home and feeling at home goes way beyond having a physical roof over our heads. This involves coming home to our selves and feeling at home with who we really are. Often our inner discontent becomes projected onto our surroundings or community. So we foolishly think that to change the physical landscape and move to a new location will solve our inner discontent. Certainly the moving will create a distraction from our inner pain but sooner rather than later we discover that what we thought we had left behind is still looking at us straight in the mirror. If we are not at home with ourselves we cannot feel fully at home anywhere else. Similarly we cannot be more at home with another human being than we are with ourselves. Living with who we are and what we are is essential to feeling at home


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