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Fr Jim Cogley

For the following few reflections I am indebted to Richard Rohr, the well known Franciscan and spiritual teacher. While they are presented separately they also form a unit of teaching on this all-important topic that is relevant to the month of November. More importantly they carry the ring of authenticity that comes with truth.

Imagine that you have just died and passed through the doorway of death. And you enter heaven. And it is a place of intense brightness, a place fragrant with goodness, a place alive with love. The presence of God seems to pervade everyone and every thing. . . . In this place, people are humble and genuinely interested in others. . . . It is a place of true freedom, trust, and intimacy. And even though it is a place of great diversity, with people of all cultures and languages and times retaining all their uniqueness, it is a place where no one argues, no one fights, no one hates, and no one complains—not because they aren’t allowed to but because they don’t want to, because they accept and love one another completely. They are fully alive. . . . Think about how you would feel entering that place.


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