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By Fr Jim Cogley

Here are some tried and tested pieces of wisdom that may be a help for anyone going through a difficult time or finds themselves in the middle of a health crisis:

Incurable points to - Curable from within

Now is not forever – Everything changes

Emotions always change provided we welcome them

Is my illness trying to heal me of something?

The symptoms I experience may not be the cause

Can I co-operate with my illness rather than fight it

My body sometimes speaks what I am not saying

Worry is praying for the worst possible result

Hope – Hold Only Positive Expectations

Maintain Hope without being fixated on How

Live the Now – No Opportunities Wasted

Grace is daily – Sufficient for the moment

Look after your mind – Allow medics to mind your body

The future is never what we think it’s going to be

Faith conquers all things – Fear falters

Fear only sees the worst possible outcome

Let go – Even of the way you want things to go

Surrender is the pathway to peace

With total surrender nothing blocks the path of destiny

Be a victor of circumstance not a victim

Avoid Self-Pity – It’s the ‘poor me’ sin-drome

This challenge will not leave you as it finds you

Know that this difficulty is awakening your soul.


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