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Fr Billy Swan

Of all the planets, moons and stars

Of things ever heard and seen

My eyes were drawn to but one place

Of beauty blue and green

Yet all the skies and mountains

The oceans and the sea

Could not compare with who I loved

My pride and joy, humanity

With the Son and Spirit I made him

Created by us three

For our love could not contain itself

One holy Trinity

I created him in freedom

My love to accept or spurn

All things I can do bar one,

Force him love me in return

But man was stubborn in his ways

Wanting to be like me

Filled with pride and choosing

Forbidden fruit from a tree

I promised to be faithful

Now and to the end

Despite how much he grieved me

My beloved one, my friend

To Egypt I did follow him

And led him through the sand

To a place where milk and honey flow

Into the promised land

Through my prophets I called him back

From places he had strayed

To justice, peace and all good things

For which man first was made

How I love more than am loved!

How by so many I am not missed

How can so much sin and good

In humans co-exist?

I hungered and thirsted for their love

Gently knocking at their door

Thinking always how I could

Love them even more

So I sent them my beloved Son

To be closer than ever I’ve been

I put myself into their hands

To save them from their sin

In Mary’s womb I came to be

What I never was before you see

Stooping down becoming man

And making man divinity

Man cannot see God and live

My glory’s brightness would be too much

So I turned its volume down in Christ

For him to hear and see and touch

No president, king or queen

Was present at his birth

Just an ox, an ass, some shepherds

The poor of all the earth

For so I always willed it

To include the greatest and the small

The rich, the poor, the slave, the free

My kingdom not for some, but for all

Have you ever taken the chance to love

Become dependent on another?

To take the risk in loving first

As brother, sister or lover?

If so you see the risk I took

To be accepted or forsaken

So my Son came to the world

The greatest risk ever taken

Tiny limbs on wisps of straw

Fragile, precious beneath a star

Who would think that one so young

Could challenge weapons, bombs and war?

O that they would turn to me

And all become one in him

It’s all I want this Christmas

And end to killing, hunger and sin

For this I wait and work and weep

Asking man to walk with me

For then he would be happy

At last he would be free

So as you listen to these words

Written from above

Perhaps you know more my dream

And something more of love

Wherever you are this Christmas

At home or far away

Spare a thought for what it means

My dream and for it pray

Blessings on all who live

I know you all my name

Wherever you go I will be there

I love you all the same

And as I look upon the earth

At beauty green and blue

The joy of Christmas is because

I see my Son in you.

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